The Future of Loyalty and Marketing

Build A Loyalty Program That Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

Boost Sales Without Breaking The Bank!

Did you know that your loyal customers spend on average 67% more than first time customers?

With your own custom branded Mobile Wallet Card loyalty solution, you can ensure that your most loyal customers keep coming back over and over again!

Differentiate yourself from the competition and a boost in customer loyalty without breaking your budget.


Small businesses such as coffee shops, local restaurants, or sandwich stores simply don't have the time to even think about marketing their brand or developing an effective loyalty program.

Digital Rewards Cards reduce the barriers to entry into mobile and have provided businesses with the brand exposure that is necessary to win customers in today's society.


  • Instantly launch an effective loyalty program without developing an app;
  • Increase customer loyalty and personally engage with customers on-the-go through automated push notifications;
  • Grow your market base and turn new customers into repeat customers;
  • Track the success of your campaign through detailed analytics and data


  • Distribution methods - posters in public areas with QR codes, emails, online ads, and social media.
  • Managing data - track  redemption and user behaviour.
  • Validate reward card quickly by scanning barcode.

The intimate relationship customers have with their smartphone make mobile coupons an excellent way for you to engage with new and existing customers directly through their mobile device.

mobile wallet loyalty card

Mobile Wallet With Target Customer Marketing Will Help your Business:

  • Drive more in-store foot traffic (in-person);
  • Affordable loyalty solution saving you money;
  • Eliminates loyalty campaign fraud;
  • Increase customer loyalty and repeat business;
  • Boost customer spend and overall sales;
  • Provide an enhanced consumer experience;
  • Differentiate your business from the competition;

Why Digital Now?

Mobile wallet marketing

Customers have enough cardes in their wallet already.

Mobile wallet marketing

Customers forget or lose paper loyalty cards.

Mobile wallet marketing

Customers want convenience, variety and personalization.

Mobile wallet marketing

Customers look at their phones at least 100 times a day.

Customer Road to Loyalty

mobile wallet loyalty


STEP 1: Build Your Loyalty Card

We will design a custom branded mobile Loyalty Card that works on smartphones and lives in your customer's Mobile Wallet

STEP 2: Distribution of Mobile Wallet Card

We will Assist you in developing a distribution strategy through facebook  advertising  thats seamlessly integrates with your current marketing effort s to ensure your customers get your customer branded Mobile Wallet card

mobile wallet loyalty

STEP 3: Geo-Location Nitification 

Customers who've downloaded Mobile Wallet Loyalty Card will get a customer lock screen notification when they come within a certain defined  area of your city. This acts as a gentle reminder to customers to customers. to come in a visit your business and get rewarded for doing so.

STEP 4: Customer Shows Loyalty Card

Business owner or staff can securely validate Loyalty Card and award an additional "punches" that gets added instantly to the customer's Mobile Wallet Loyalty Card. No more  "old school" paper plastic Card.

mobile wallet loyalty

mobile wallet loyalty

STEP 5: Customer Gets Rewarded and Keep Coming Back Happy

Once a customer has reached the campaign goal, they are awarded a mobile reward such as a Free Coffee which they can easily redeem immediately from their Mobile Wallet- Customers leave happy after being rewarded for their loyalty.


  • A seamless shopping experience across all sales channels;
  • Card can never be left home or lost;
  • Increases brand attractiveness, motivation to purchase and loyalty;
  • Card can always be recovered from the cloud or email if phone is changed;
  • Convenient push-notifications appear when new promo arrives;
  • Personalized rewards based on customer personal shopping preferences
  • Personalized promotions and communications
  • Promotion to higher reward levels or status as they spend more


  • Make your brand the destination of choice at the start of the customer’s shopping experience or trip;
  • Build traffic, conversion rates and transaction size and, done well, minimize expensive returns;
  • Gain complete insight into customer behavior and buying patterns;
  • Access customer data to optimize planning and retail operations;
  • Suggestive selling based on their past purchases and browsing history;
  • Use power of social networks to promote the card: analyze customers’ profiles and launch referral programs;
  • Analytics the way YOU need;

Everything You Need to Turn Visitors in to Happy Loyalty Customers

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