Distribute Tickets to Event Attendees to Avoid Loosing Them on Their Phones or Having Them Print Them Out

Mobile Wallet Event Tickets

  • Easy And Accessible Ticket For Event Attendees;
  • Send Alerts And Notifications;
  • Analyze Results Of Event Attendees;
  • Personalized Ticket With Attendee Information Using Social Media;
  • Data-Building Capabilities;
  • Special Announcements;
  • Simple Ticket Redemption Process For a Faster And Convenient Entrance;
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 Mobile wallet event ticket


Distribute Tickets to Event Attendees to Avoid Loosing Them on Their Phones or Having Them Print Them Out.

Provide more than just admission to an event.

Keep attendees up to date with the latest information without ever reprinting tickets.


  • Enhance the user experience with no added effort or cost.
  • Increase the number of attendees and improve the efficiency with which your event is run.
  • Ensure customers' attendance in future events by delivering exceptional experiences.


  • Distribute digital event tickets via SMS and email.
  • Send push reminders and manage dynamic data by updating information (i.e. seat number, date, time, and location) on a pass.
  • Use iBeacon to provide indoor navigation functionality.
  • Validate tickets easily at checkpoints for efficient redemption processes.

Personalize the experience for attendees and use iBeacon to provide contextually relevant content for a truly remarkable event experience.

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Opportunities & Benefits


  • Digital Event Ticket is delivered straight to customer’s phone;
  • Card can never be left home or lost;
  • Increases brand attractiveness, motivation to purchase and loyalty;
  • Card can always be recovered from the cloud or email if phone is changed;
  • Convenient push-notifications appear when new promo arrives;


  • Ease of use: scan barcode from the card on the phone same as from regular card;
  • New communication channel with customers, way more attractive than sms /text messages;
  • Use power of social networks to promote the card: analyze customers’ profiles and launch referral programs;
  • Analytics the way YOU need;
  • It is Safer than just a wallet;

How This Powerful Marketing Strategy Works


mobile wallet coupon card

Real-time Variable Data

Real-time updatable data fields inside of pass

mobile wallet coupon card

Integrated Pass Redemption

Assign unique codes inside of pass for redemption

mobile wallet coupon card

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send unlimited alerts and reminders to users

mobile wallet coupon card

Geo-Location Awareness

Trigger messages based on real-time user location

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