Increase Trust and Maximize Sales with Facebook Messenger Marketing

Communication Has Changed

Go where your customers are, not where they were

Facebook Chat Bot Messenger

  • The Bot Messenger supports your marketing efforts;
  • It effectively engages and interacts with your clients;
  • It reaches out to your potential and repeat buyers;
  • It helps you to easily retain your buyers;
  • It gives your users access to an instant customer service;

Chat Bot Can Serve Everyone

Bots can serve millions of users in the same time without any delay!   24 hours  7 days a week and 365 days in year.

Speed and Power

Bots answer immediately, correctly and better than any employee you have!


Bots can be accessed from everywhere on any mobile, tablet or PC. No need to create several apps for several platforms. Facebook App everyone has already  🙂

Smart Automation

Scale Personalization for Dynamic Customer Experiences. Technology designed to make quality customer service easy.

Facebook Chat Bot Messenger

  • How about being able to reach out directly to every customer who’s interested in your service (and have this line of conversation open for a lifetime)?
  • How about sending a customized graphical personal message to every customer who clicks on your ad, giving him an offer he can’t refuse.
  • How about getting customers to ask you questions, answering them and closing bigger ticket sales.
  • How about telling your customers that you’re there for them, and that they can talk to you and get real answers.
  • What about building customer trust by being ultra-responsive to them?
  • What about maximizing your sales by directly giving more information to your leads?

You Will Sell More

We use Chatbots to improve KPIs across the board.

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Overcome Objections, Reduce Cart Abandonment

Chatbots answer questions and overcome objections 24x7. 

Actively engage your customers for more sales and a higher AOV. 

Perfect For:

  • Removing Bottlenecks;
  • Solving Customer Objection;
  • Customer Personalization;
  • Boosting Revenue via Automation;

You Will Get More Leads

Forget the forms, qualified conversations are frictionless

Collect, Qualify, Nurture.

Chatbots automate data capture, making it easier and faster for people to opt in. Automatically transfer lead data anywhere you want with unlimited integrations.

  • Lead Scoring & Qualification;
  • Lead Capture & Distribution;
  • Traditional Content Delivery;
  • Webinars, Giveaways, Content;
  • Unlimited integrations;
  • Sync data with any software;
facebook-mobile marketing


But just in case, enter below the number of subscribers you have and the price point for the product or service you offer to compare the open and click-through rates of

 EMAIL vs MESSENGER in order to measure your potential earnings.

The new feature allows the ad to display while the CTA (call-to-action) button on, in place of the standard Learn More or Sign Up button, moves directly to Messenger. When the user hits “Send Message,” the conversation moves directly into Facebook Messenger and begins with a structured message built by TCM ProLeads McHale Marketing Digital Agency for the client, thanking the user for inquiring about the deal, then letting them know that a real human will be in touch with them soon with more details.

During the process, Messenger is used for collecting some information about customer and additional details which will help your company  respond to the user’s needs and move them into an inbound call and sale.

Within 1 hour of turning on this campaign, we received 38 inbound Messages from users and captured 2 sales in the first 3 hours of the campaign launch. We now receive about 100 messages per day at approximately 83 cents per user’s first inbound Message. The cost of a Messenger conversation was roughly equal to that of obtaining a “lead,” but with a 100% contact rate initiated by the user.

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