The Storytelling Based Advertising Strategy

The Storytelling Based Advertising Strategy The concept is based on the “Seinfeld sequence”, used in email marketing. At least that’s what Russell Brunsons (and many more marketers) called it. What is it? Basically, people like to

How to Calculate CPM

How to Calculate CPM

How do you calculate CPM? CPM, or cost per thousand, refers to the cost of a marketing campaign that reaches at least 1000 people. The letter "M" in the term refers
Facebook Analytics

How Facebook Analytics Works

How Facebook Analytics Works? Facebook Analytics is an event-based tool. When you put the pixel on your website, for conversions, you also define some standard events such as Add to cart,

The Top Three Reasons To Get A Facebook Ads Audit

Are you advertising on Facebook but not getting the results you want? Are you finding it hard to achieve consistency and predictability with your campaigns? Thousands of different solutions are available to