Let me introduce myself

I’m just so glad you’re here!

As a small business owner, you and I have a lot in common.

We are both building life’s doing what we love and know best. And I’d venture to guess that like me, you’ve taken big risks to get where you are today.

Please understand, I’m not really a risk-taking kind of person. I’m a planner. I like to carefully plan, research and analyze.

Don’t you just love that part of owning your own business? You can focus on your own dreams, and build your own success. How awesome is that?!


Since the day I left the security of a full-time job, I have been very fortunate. In fact, in the beginning I struggled to balance my business and life with my family because I had taken on too many clients. I couldn’t help it. I just love helping people grow their businesses and reach their goals…I couldn’t bring myself to turn clients away.

And that’s when it hit me.

My business model – providing one-on-one services to my clients –sets limits to the number of businesses I could help.

I’m a huge believer in the importance of being passionate about what you do. So I took some time to think, really think, about which clients I enjoyed working with the most.

Several clients came to mind. I began thinking of the campaigns that I enjoyed developing the most. The successes that meant the most to me.

And you know what all these clients had in common?

They were all small businesses such as like restaurant, hotels, beauty salons, fitness clubs and – of course – start-ups.

I think because of my experience in the hospitality industry and as a small business owner, I understand the unique struggles these small businesses face – and the fantastic opportunities they have because they don’t have to break through corporate red tape to provide quality products and services.

So here we are!

My name is Nadiya, I came to Switzerland 20 years ago to study Hotel Management in Cesar Ritz Institute.  After successfully having completed these studies, I worked in one of the best hotels in Switzerland, the Dolder Grand. After I went to USA where I studied Business Administration at Michigan University. 

I enjoyed working for Horeca Consulting Company but….

I start to feel I don’t have enough time for myself. You probably know crazy working hours…..

I started to focus and study more Sales and Marketing and specially Internet Marketing. I met great teachers during time such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Dan Kennedy  and many more....

Now  I’m  proud to say that  I create my own Digital Marketing Agency

TCM ProLeads Mchale Digital Marketing Agency is a communications agency. We use all the possibilities of the web space to promote a business through the Internet Worldwide. The maximum immersion in the client’s task, the connection of all promotion channels and the deep development of content are the principles that allow us to successfully implement the most complex projects in various industries.

Last 8 years I specialize in helping small and medium size business owners scale out their products and services by using sophisticated (and always improving) targeting methods.

I use combine power of Facebook Marketing, Facebook Messenger Chat Bots and Mobile Wallet Marketing.

I am A Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, Social Community Specialist and Email Marketing Specialist from Digital Marketers and a member of  Associate in Project 

Myself and team are crazy focused on delivering actionable strategies and easy-to-implement marketing tactics designed specifically for small businesses.

As a marketing expert I believe that marketing is crucial to your business, but I don’t believe it needs to take up your time or require hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars each month. Seriously.

My mission is to make your life easier by simplifying your marketing strategy so you focus on only those tactics that clients and sales. I want to help you REDUCE your marketing budget and generate MORE REVENUE in LESS time with all Services I provide

Is it possible?

Yes and yes again.

Together we can put a winning TARGET CUSTOMER strategy for your business.

Don't hesitate contact me and lets get stared TODAY!


I help Businesses Leverage The Power of Facebook Advertising & Messenger Marketing for Non Stop Lead Generation + Massive Business Growth

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